Coins delivery methods

Both of the methods we offer are safe, as in the chances of the transaction getting detected by EA are minimal.





One doesn’t have to put up any players, we just need to be provided with the FUT account data (which is WebApp). We can’t change any passwords, because we don’t request the e-mail password. The EA commission gets covered. When it comes to console platforms, PSN/XBL account data is not required. We move the coins using a special method that guarantees the highest safety level available. In this method, the coins are moved using special cards that are not sold at maximum prices. The most convenient and least complicated way, and the safest one as of now, too.


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No account access has to be provided. One has to personally put up the players on the transfer market, according to the instructions displayed. We don’t cover the EA commission, which may be up to about 15% (the commission gets covered when adding funds to the account). The method requires at least the minimal knowledge of the transfer market for FUT. In the event of purchasing a small amount of coins, the website will ask to put up players for several K each, and when buying above a certain amount, the website will ask to purchase specific special cards on the market and put them up for a particular price. When one doesn’t have coins to buy special cards with and still wants to purchase a bigger amount of coins, the website will first ask to put up any gold players. 


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