FUT 22 - unlocked WebApp account - PC platform (with FUT Champions card)

Product name: FUT 22 - unlocked WebApp account - PC platform (with FUT Champions card)
Price: 24.99 / item
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Here you can buy unlocked WebApp account for PC platform. 

NOTICE: Accounts sold here are bought from different gamers. If account from the same console will be banned for some reason, all accounts from this console are loosing access to transfer market. We don't have any impact on this situation, because we are not owners of consoles, from which accounts were created. When situation like this happens, we are not responsible of it and we do not refund order.

This account contains a card from FUT Champions, which is a proof that account has been used by a real player.

After purchase you receive:

- account's e-mail

- e-mail's password

- origin / webapp password 

Accounts are fresh, they weren't used in any autobuyer. These are NOT chinese accounts.  Account has at least 15K match earnings.

They are bought from different gamers. Sometimes you can find here a player account, with many matches played and SBCs done. 

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m**5@gmail.com | C_GAJUYY | Sold: 1006K FIFA Coins PS4, PS5 | 2022-03-02
Review: Positive
Content: Easy to sell, it's great.
m**5@gmail.com | C_DHYKU7 | Sold: 1966K FIFA Coins PS4, PS5 | 2022-03-03
Review: Positive
Content: Best service
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Review: Positive
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