FC 24 Points 1600 - PC

Product name: FC 24 Points 1600 - PC
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You can buy 1600 FC Points for the PC platform here

The points we offer in our store come from official distribution and are 100% legal. Consequently, you can purchase them from us cheaper than directly from EA.

After paying for your order, you will receive 1600 FC Points in the form of a digital code onto the email address provided in your order.

The code you receive can only be activated via the EA App. To do so, log in to your EA App account and go to "My Library" and "Activate Code".

The EA FC 24 game is required to activate FP.


Did you know... Besides the possibility of spending FIFA Poins on packs in the FUT store, you can also pay with points to enter the FUT Draft mode? Winning four games in the single-player Draft usually pays back the equivalent of your investment - regardless of the difficulty level you choose.


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j**[email protected] | C_OEYLGA | Sold: 5715K FIFA Coins PC | 2023-01-12
Review: Positive
Content: Everything is IT so good ❤️
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o**[email protected] | C_8CSI9B | Sold: 3981K FIFA Coins PC | 2023-02-21
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Content: I sold 4 mio coins and received the money in a few days. Thank you

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