FC 24 - unlocked WebApp account - PS4 / PS5 platform (FUT Champions played and at least 100K match earnings)

Product name: FC 24 - unlocked WebApp account - PS4 / PS5 platform (FUT Champions played and at least 100K match earnings)
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Here you can buy an account with unlocked transfer market in WebApp for PS4 / PS5 platform

The account has been activated on the console in FC 24 and has played at least 1 FUT Champions match. It has min. 100k match earnings.

After paying for your order, you will receive:

- e-mail to the EA and PS account

- password to WebApp / PS

- password to the assigned mail

When making a purchase, please keep in mind that:

- We buy accounts from different people (usually players) and don't mass produce them to ensure the highest quality. We always properly verify the credibility of the original owners, but nevertheless EA offers its user the possibility to try to recover the account. Therefore, if an account purchased from us is recovered after 10 days of shipment, we don't guarantee the exchange of such account for a new one (in such case we can only contact the original seller of the account).

- If an account purchased from us loses access to the transfer market as a result of another account from the same console receiving a ban, then we don't guarantee any sort of compensation. Cases of "chain-bans" are rare, but they are also beyond our control, and therefore we don't cover costs for this type of incident.


New security features have been introduced in EA FC 24, so when purchasing multiple accounts, we recommend changing IPs (e.g., using a VPN) before editing passwords to avoid possible consequences.

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