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You can buy 5900 FC Points for the PC platform here

The codes we sell come from official distributors, and by buying them here you are guaranteed to receive a valid digital product. Due to the fact that the codes come from official distribution, we are able to allow you to buy them cheaper than in the EA store!

After paying for your order, you will receive 5900 FC Points in the form of a digital code onto the email address provided in your order.

The code you receive can only be activated via the EA App. To do so, log in to your EA App account and go to "My Library" and "Activate Code".

The EA FC 24 game is required to activate FP.


Did you know... Every year between October and January, the largest number of players are deeply into playing FUT? During this period i.e. TOTS come out and then it’is worth having a substantial amount of FIFA Points or FIFA Coins to be able to open packs and give yourself a chance to pack something really good!


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Review: Positive
Content: For me? MAGIC !
a**[email protected] | C_BUZZA3 | Sold: 2707K FIFA Coins PC | 2022-11-29
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Content: very fast! i reccomend sell coins here!
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Review: Positive
Content: perfect!

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