Comfort trade (new, the safest method) - how it works?

In order to meet the buyers’ expectations, we present a new, improved way to „Add funds” to the account, which minimizes the risk of getting caught by EA Sports to the absolute minimum.


The EA tax of 5% is covered = you get exactly as many coins as you order.


What's the transaction risk?


Over 99.9% deliveries using this method end up not getting detected by EA Sports. 


How exactly does it work?


When using this method, you don’t have to put up any cards. All you have to do is give us your WebApp account data (it is completely safe).


We move the coins using a special method that guarantees the highest safety level available.




Before making a transaction, one has to have at least 10 000 coins on their account. The account also HAS to have an active transfer market on the WebApp application.


In order to use this method, one has to give us their account’s data. What exactly has to be provided and where to get that data has been explained by us in great detail here:


I'd rather to not give my account data. Is there anything to worry about?


When using this method, we’re not using any card from your club. We have conducted several thousand operations of account recharge, we guarantee that everything in the club will remain intact. After finalizing the transactions, we leave the account right away and notify about the order being completed successfully. PSN/XBL account data is not required. We can’t change any passwords, because we don’t ask for the e-mail password!


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