Comfort trade (new, the safest method) - how it works?

Since you have clicked on this article, then you are probably keen to buy FIFA Coins, but at the same time may be worried whether this kind of purchase is safe and won't get you banned, right?

In that case, read the content below to the very end, and you will learn all about it.


We have been running our service since 2014 and have never scammed anyone. Otherwise, we wouldn't have prospered in the market for so long, we wouldn't have built up a host of loyal customers, and we wouldn't have received so many positive reviews about our services on, for example: TRUSTPILOT. In short - we're a trustworthy company and that's why, when using our services, you don't have to worry about anything! 

In addition, we never ask for your mailbox password and none of our employees have the ability to change any of your login details.


In 2018, we perfected the coin transfer method almost to perfection and since then, more than 99.9% of the transactions featuring FIFA Coins which we carry out end successfully and without detection from EA! Currently, there is no 100% certain method due to EA's high security measures, but we bring this type of risk to an absolute minimum! In case of failure (which is extremely rare), please visit our Live Chat at our homepage.


In order for us to provide the highest level of safety, we transfer coins using special cards, which are not sold at excessive nor maximum prices.

We process each order via the WebApp, and therefore you must have an active transfer market in the WebApp/Companion app (not in the game on PC or console).

Using this method, we never use any card from your club and that's why you must have a minimum of 10 000 coins before placing an order.

At the same time, please note that we always cover EA's commission of 5%, so you will receive the exact amount of coins which you order.


We realize that you need to click more than just once to place an order at our store, which is why we have created the following GIF with slides to guide you through the entire coin purchase process step-by-step:


- Please note that the numbers you enter are automatically counted in thousands, e.g. 1 million coins = 1000K coins.

- When filling out the form (6th slide ↑), please enter the login details for your EA/WebApp account i.e. e-mail, password and 6 backup codes. IF YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT LOGIN DETAILS TO PROVIDE, PLEASE CLICK HERE

- Once the order is completed, we will immediately exit your account and email you with a change of the order status to "Completed" - until then, please do not log into FUT in the game and/or WebApp/Companion. Afterwards, please log directly into FUT in the game, or wait about 20 minutes to be able to log into WebApp/Companion (these are simply technical aspects).


However, if you have a question or problem regarding the purchase of FIFA Coins, then please feel free to visit our LIVE CHAT (available daily from 6am to 9pm (GMT)).


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