Order statuses - explanation

Order statuses - explanation


There are following order statuses on our website:


- submitted: which means the order has been placed and is awaiting payment


- paid: which means the order has been paid for and is awaiting processing (according to the delivery time specified)


- payment error: the payment hasn’t been properly finalized. In such event, we ask to try to pay again.


- waiting delivery: the order has been accepted and is awaiting being processed


- delivered: the order has been finalized. If you have any remarks regarding the order, it is the best to submit them through the "order message" feature


- wrong player data: The player data is not correct. In such event, we send a message for the order and point out what has to be done or what is incorrect


- order can't be delivered: In the event of such order status being set, we notify over "Order message" about why such status has been set and what to do.


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