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SuperCoinsy Points (SCP for short) are an alternative currency on our website. You can use them to pay for your order, just select "SC Points" as the payment method.


For more information on SuperCoinsy Points (SCP), see the "My Account" panel (click here) or in an expanded form of a dedicated article (click here)



To recharge your SCP, select the payment method you want from the tiles below and enter the top-up amount. Enter the amount you want to pay in the 'Recharge amount' field. For example, if you want to top up your SCP points with the PSC 20 code, enter the top-up amount in the 20 field. The system will automatically calculate how many points you will get less because of the commission for a given payment method.

Select payment method

  • Quick online transfer and card payments

    Commission: 0%

  • Pay with BLIK code

    Commission: 0%

  • PSC account rechage

    Commission: 20%

  • Pay with crypto: USDT, BTC, LTC, ETH, etc.

    Commission: 0%

  • Make quick online payments

    Commission: 0%

  • Pay in crypto: BTC, LTC, ETH, etc.

    Commission: 0%

  • Multiple local payment methods

    Commission: 7%

Amount of recharge

You will receive: 0


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