Is buying FIFA Coins safe?


Buying FIFA Coins through SuperCoinsy is safe. Thanks to our 8 years of experience in selling FUT Coins, we know our business perfectly, and we know exactly how to transfer coins with a safe method onto the player's account. The best proof of that are reviews left by our customers, which can be checked HERE. 


During the last months, we haven't received any report of detection in our customers' accounts from EA for buying coins.


It is not worth to buy coins from amateur sellers, because if someone is transfering coins without proper knowledge, he is exposing himself to a risk of being punished by EA. These punishments are as follows: coins wipe or lock for transfer market in the game.


Over the years, EA has improved their methods of detecting coins transfers. As we are processing hundreds of transactions daily, we are able to quickly notice these changes. In previous editions of FIFA, if we noticed a ban, our delivery method has been immediately upgraded - to be sure that it won't happen again for the same reason. Thanks to this approach we achieved a very good result, abd we are proud to say that in FIFA 22 we haven't experienced any single detection of coins transfer when our customers bought coins.



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