Free coins bonus - how it works?

Free coins bonus - how it works?


For clients who buy regularly from us, we have prepared extra coins for their further orders. The discounts only apply to those who buy when registered at our store. Only the purchases made at our store are eligible, it is not possible to manually edit a client’s bonus. Everything is charged automatically.


That way, clients whose spending at our store are:

- above 100 PLN, will get 1% free coins with their order,

- above 200 PLN, will get 2% free coins with their order,

- above 500 PLN, will get 3% free coins with their order,

- above 800 PLN, will get 4% free coins with their order,

- above 1500 PLN, will get 5% free coins with their order.


The amount of free coins that come with an order will be displayed upon entering the value of coins one intends to purchase at


Order or selling order status