In order to sell us coins to FIFA 22, you need to choose platform on which you have coins, and type quantity which you want to sell. To be able to sell us coins, you need to have transfer market activated on your WebApp application.


WARNING: It's important how much coins do you have on your account, not how much coins do you have in general. Pricing for each account is seperate, same as amount in "Guaranteed amount of money if account will be banned during coins transfer" is seperate from each account send to us.


To sell us coins, we need to ask to give us access to your WebApp account. We do not ask for e-mail password, so we can't change any of your account passwords. We don't take account from you, we need just to have access to your account during selling coins from it. You need to leave us as many as possible slots on Transfer List. Please note, that we won't ask you for account details on Skype or on other message platforms (apart our site and e-mail).


Payment methods:

We offer following payment methods:

  • bank transfer (only for European Union and United Kingdom countries; minimum 15 EUR)
  • bitcoin
  • paysafecard (in PLN currency, however you can easily convert it to your local currency)
  • USDT TRC20 (NEW)
How long does it take to sell coins?

The exact time of processing depends on the number of accounts we are provided with. We usually check the account data within few hours (up to 24h), and the account gets emptied of all the coins within time given in section below. The exact date depends on the conditions on the market and the demand, but mostly on the current queue. The queue status can always be checked through the "order message" panel. If you don’t feel like waiting a specified amount of time, you can cancel the order. As long as the account has the "Approved, waiting in queue" status, the FUT mode of the account can be used freely. Once the order has the "Currently processing" status, it is not possible to log into the account. If somebody is logged into an account while we’re trying to start collecting coins from it, the order moves further back in the queue. Even when we’re collecting coins from an account, it is still possible to use the game in all the other modes except for FUT. We ask you to leave us with as many free spots on the account’s transfer list as possible.

Below you can find current waiting times to complete your selling order. Please note, that these times are just a prediction. The real time of completing order might change (it depends from amount of orders, which we receive). You can always check estimated time of completing order in your 'My account' tab. When your account is waiting in queue (this is the longest process) you can normally use it and change number of coins on your account as well. If you want, you can sell us more or less coins in same selling coins order - you need to just let us know that you would like to change the amount.


Please note, that you can use your account for the most of provided time below (when it is waiting in a queue). You can't use it only when it's status is "currently processing", which for the majority of orders is not taking longer than a dozen hours.

Predicted time of completing your order if you place your selling order now:

Platform PC:  1 - 2 Days

Platform PS4, PS5:  1 - 2 Days


Select platform How much coins do you want to sell?
(you can change quantity in the next step)
Price information
You will receive: 0,00

From 400K to 100000K: 2.41 EUR for 100K

      !  04/07/2022 HIGHER RATE   !      

previous rate: 2.18 EUR for 100K

previous rate: 1.97 EUR for 100K

You will receive: 0,00

From 400K to 100000K: 1.97 EUR for 100K

      !  30/06/2022 HIGHER RATE   !     

previous rate: 1.75 EUR for 100K

You will receive: 0,00

From 400K to 100000K: 1.09 EUR for 100K



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We are keeping you updated about your selling request by following statuses:


"Approved, waiting in queue" - when account details are correct and account waits for processing. It depends from our orders and selling order requests how many days it takes to start your order. If you would like to know when approximately we will start taking coins from your account, you can ask about it in message to your order. When your comission has such status, you can normally use FUT via your console. However, if we would like to start your order and someone will be logged that time, it will delay whole process. If you leave any cards on your transfer lists after status changes to this one, please inform us about it.


"Currently processing" - it means, that we are moving coins from your account. Usually it takes from 24 to 72 hours. The exact time depends from how many coins are you selling and from current demand on buying coins. If there is a big coins quantity on account, it may take longer than 72 hours. When your order has this status, it is forbidden to change coins quantity on your account and to log into FUT mode.


"Completed, waiting for payment" - Order is done and you are waiting for payment. Your payment will be send in around 24-72h from completing order. 


"Paid" - payment has been made. Please note, that if you choose such payment as bank transfer, it may take around 2 days to receive payment


NOTE: We can take from account up to 40K less that it was declared to sell. We deduct this quantity from your selling order. Thanks to this, we are able to finish your order much faster.


You can contact us directly via e-mail: or Skype named 


Why is it worth to trust us? Why should you outsource the sale of your coins to us instead of trying to do it yourself?


We are a trusted partner, we have already bought a lot of coins from many clients in a few years, over several versions of FIFA. What distinguishes us is the clear presentation of terms before the transaction and its adherence to the deal. We are well aware that in such business, trust is fundamental and everything is done honestly. 

Selling coins is currently associated with the risk of account bans that often occur within a few or ten hours of starting to sell coins from your account. We are aware of this risk and account is emptied so that the person selling us coins could earn as much as possible. We know safe methods for a coin transfer and we have over 98% success with moving coins without account ban. In the case of self-selling particularly large coins, remember the ban. A lot of people decide to sell on their own, with a total sale of, e.g., 3 million, sell only 200K to someone and the account will be banned, and earnings will be lost. We do not allow such situations, as evidenced by the amount of the "cover losses in the case of the ban." Its height depends on what terms our regular suppliers offer.


Order or selling order status