Sell FUT Account

The offer here is open for all site users. Anyone who owns an Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PS4 or PS5 console or PC and is looking to make a bit of money is welcome to take advantage of it.

We buy accounts featuring FIFA Ultimate Team mode with an unlocked transfer market in the WebApp/Companion app. Along with the EA account, you have to hand over the assigned console account (or in the case of PC: we need the Origin account itself), as well as your e-mail address that's assigned to these accounts. 


We pay for the accounts:


FUT 23 ACCOUNTS WITH ACTIVE WEBAPP, activated on the console (updated 13.03):

Xbox One / Xbox Series X / PS4 / PS5 account - 13 EUR (30 EUR if at least one FUT Champions match was played and the account has at least 40K match earnings)

PC account - 20 EUR (30 EUR if at lease one FUT Champions match was played and the account has at least 40K match earnings)

In order for us to accept an account at this rate:

* The account must have played at least one match in squad battles or division rivals so that it is visible on WebApp under the 'Competitions' tab.

* The account needs to have at least 15K match earnings (new condition, added 15/12/2022)

As stated in the price list above, if the account has played at least one match in FUT Champions (in the main tournament, not in the qualifiers) and at least 40K match earnings, we will add 17 EUR to the initial account rate (that is, we pay 30 EUR).


If you have any coins in your account (minimum 300K) and want to sell them, you must first sell them by using the "Sell coins". Once we have finished processing your coins selling order, you can sell your account with us.


One person can sell us a maximum of 3 accounts per week. To sell an account, please fill out the form with your details at the bottom of this page.


Sell FUT account payment methods


We can make the payment via:

- bank transfer

- bitcoin

- SCP points, giving you 10% more value for the sold account (you can use them on any product from our store, which of course includes the purchase of coins)




For your account you need to provide:

- email for the account (Please note that those new email addresses must not be from mailboxes including:,, and others where you cannot change your backup email or phone number for verification. If any verification email is assigned to your email account, we will also take a hold of it and change its details. For any Xbox Live account created on you will need to set up a login verification - please set up an email address on different mailbox for this purpose, and do not set phone verification)

- Origin / WebApp password (you can check it at this page: )

- PSN password (for PS accounts) or XBL password (for Xbox accounts) (You can check the validity of your PSN login details here: , and for XBOX here: )

For the PC platform: you can type in anything (because it does not apply)

- e-mail password (can be checked when logging into your mailbox)

For the Xbox platform: if your email for Xbox Live is different from Origin, please enter the details for that too anywhere in the form.

We are not interested in buying the Steam/Epic version, nor in the EA Play subscription.


Please send us the details you have provided by completing the form at the bottom of the page.


Rules for account verification and approval:


  • the handed over account must have at least 400 coins
  • the handed over EA account cannot have more than one PSN/XBL account linked to it (it cannot have a PC account linked to it either)
  • completed SBCs do not matter
  • the account cannot have any warnings from EA
  • we do not accept accounts which have been used in external software e.g. autobuyer
  • the account is verified within 48h to 72h from its submission
  • maximum number of accounts we can accept from one user is 3 per week
  • payment is sent within 3 working days after approval of the account
  • you will be informed about the progress of the account verification via e-mail notification that will be sent onto the contact email that you provided when submitting your selling order



The following instruction is for beginner and intermediate users. It will help you create an account that will be eligible for sale. The following instructions only apply to the PlayStation and Xbox platforms. For the PC platform, it's not possible to create multiple accounts from one version of the game.


1. Set up a new e-mail address

* Your mailbox will be taken by us, which is why we advise you to set up a new email address.

* there must be no details set on such email that will let you restore your account afterwards. If it's necessary to enter security/verification details on a particular e-mail (especially in the case of Outlook mailbox), we advise you to create a new e-mail on a different site and set it up as a verification email. You will also need to provide us with the password for this verification email, and we'll also change its details.

2. Create a new local profile on your console

* this simply means creating a new account on your console

3. Sign up to PlayStation Network (PS4/PS5) or Xbox Live (Xbox One/Xbox Series X) with the newly created local account on your console

* you should be able to register as soon as you create a local account on your console.

* use the email address that you created in step 1 to complete the registration

4. create an Ultimate Team account

* simply launch FIFA 23 from the newly created account on the console and then activate Ultimate Team mode.

* make sure to confirm any messages that appear on the console. If the console asks you to create a password for your account, then write it down

5. log into your account via the WebApp ( ), or the Companion app on your phone (Android or iOS)

* if you don't remember your password, you can easily restore it via the "Forgot Your Password?" option available just below the boxes where you enter your login details

* go to the "Transfers" tab on your account. If the option "Search on market" is active in this tab, and you are able to search for cards on the transfer market within the app, then this means that the account is ready for sale, and you can send it to us. Every new account has the transfer market locked by default. 

6. Unlocking the transfer market on an account

* In order to unlock the market on your account, you will have to play matches on your account and perform various actions on the transfer market or in SBCs (Squad Building Challenges)

* we suggest logging into the account at least on 5 different days throughout the week and each time when logging in to do the following: play 2 matches (can be offline, e.g. squad battles, with your console controller being turned on), place any 2-3 cards on the transfer market and renew expired auctions on the transfer market. You can also perform Objectives or basic SBCs.

* EA unlocks the transfer markets in bulk - this means that every so often (usually every few days) there are "waves" of unlocks and many people with new accounts and activity on them are then given the opportunity to use the transfer market via the WebApp / Companion app. Performing the actions we mentioned above should be enough to unblock the transfer market. If this doesn't happen, then we advise you to simply wait a few days without playing additional matches on your account. When there is another 'wave' of unlocks, your account should then automatically be granted access to the transfer market from within the app.

7. Selling your account to us

* before handing over your account, check that you are sure that access to the transfer market is unlocked in the WebApp / Companion app. You can do this by trying to search for any card on the transfer market from via the app. If it's possible to search for a card in the market, then it means that the transfer market on the account is unlocked.

* there must be at least 400 coins in the account that is handed over to us

* if you don't know how to get all the information you need for your account, including the 6 Origin backup codes, then check out our guide available at:


A maximum of 1 FUT club can be created from a single console, as this is the limit set by EA. The limit only covers the current version of FIFA, it doesn't pass onto previous versions of the game.


We are not responsible for any action taken by EA as a result of selling an account. We have been buying accounts for more than 8 years and no customer has ever been penalized for this.


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