Sell FUT Account

We buy accounts with unlocked transfer market access on WebApp to FUT 22.

We are buying only accounts from players, we don't buy here low quality mass produced accounts.



- 11 EUR for account with unlocked transfer market on webapp for Xbox One / Xbox Series X 

- 11 EUR for account with unlocked transfer market on webapp for PS4 / PS5

- 8.5 EUR for account with unlocked transfer market on webapp for PC


If there is a FUT Champions card on PS/XBOX account (nevertheless how many cards), we pay additionally 4.5 EUR, so in total we pay 15.5 EUR.

If there is a FUT Champions card on PC account (nevertheless how many cards), we pay additionally 4.5 EUR, so in total we pay 13 EUR.

We accept only accounts which have at least 15K match earnings.

If you have any coins in your account (at least 400K) and you would like to sell them also, you need to sell them first via "Sell coins" option in our website. When you sell your coins, you can sell your account later.


Sell FUT account payment methods

We can make the payment using (you can choose):

- PaySafeCard (in PLN)

- BitCoin

- In coins (we give 10% more than our shop regular price)


Origin account can't have more than one PSN or XBL connected accounts. Account must be activated in FIFA 22 via console.


We need following details for account:


- E-mail address (forbidden mailboxes:,, We don't also accept e-mail from mailbox located on your private server)

- Origin / WebApp password (you can check it on this website:

- PSN Password (for PS accounts) or XBL password XBL (for XBOX accounts) (The correct PSN credentials you can check here: and XBOX here:

- E-mail password


The given data must be send us in the form below.


Please check if all data is correct before sending account, entering incorrect data increases the time to check the account to about 24 more hours.


Account after sending will be checked up to 72h. In urgent cases, we reserve the right to check it to 96 hours.



Sell FUT Account tutorial

And now - what to do (for the beginners)?

Firstly, you should create a new e-mail, then depending on the platform, register a new account in the PS Network or Xbox Live. E-mail can not be created on a temporary e-mail box, it must be the possibility to change its password. After creating the account, you should launch FIFA 22, choose Ultimate Team and create a FUT club. Please leave the default team name and do not change any settings. Account must have at least 1000 coins. Please be sure to set the e-mail address as Origin login verification, instead of phone number.

The most important thing for us is that the account has access to the transfer market in WebApp. The transfer market in the WebApp work if you can search of any player in the market after logging into your account via this web site: https: // Please note that WebApp will work immediately after creating the account, but the transfer market will not. There are no clear guidelines, when the access will be unlocked, but you definitely need some time (we do not know how much exactly) to log into the game and play a few games. You do not need to play them "seriously", simply exit the game immediately after it's launch, or even put down the pad during the game. Just the offline game is enough.

We are not responsible for any EA actions (like banning console, or game) due to account selling. However there is a very low chance for such a penalty.

From each console you can create up to 5 FUT accounts. We can buy up to 3 accounts weekly from the same person.

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