Sell FUT Account

If you are looking to sell your UT 24 account with an unlocked transfer market in WebApp/Companion on Xbox One, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X, PS4, PS5 or PC (EA App), then you have come to the right place!



  • UT 24 Xbox One / Xbox Series S|X / PS4 / PS5 account - 9 EUR*, 14 EUR**, 23.5 EUR*** 
  • UT 24 PC account (EA App platform only) - 9 EUR*14 EUR**, 23.5 EUR*** 

*If the account has been activated on console / in-game FC 24, has min. 15k match earnings

** If the account has been activated on the console / in-game FC 24, has min. 40k match earnings and min. 20 matches won in UT Champions

*** If the account has been activated on the console / in-game FC 24, has min. 100k match earnings and min. 50 matches won in UT Champions

PLEASE NOTE: The above rates are fixed and we do not pay extra for any additional content on your account.


  • Bank transfer (in PLN or EUR; no fees of any sort. Withdrawal is possible in EUR when selling for at least 15 EUR. Only for EU and UK)
  • SCP points, giving you 10% more value for the sold account (you can use them on any product from our store, which of course includes the purchase of coins)
  • Bitcoin
  • USDT TRC20


1. Your account must feature Ultimate Team 24 (we do not purchase accounts from previous editions e.g. FUT 23) and one of the listed platforms i.e. Xbox One, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X, PS4, PS5 or PC (please note that in case of PC you must own the full version of FC 24 that was purchased on EA App - it cannot be the version of the game on Steam, Epic Games, and as part of an EA Play subscription).

2. Your account must have an unlocked transfer market in the WebApp/Companion (example no. 1). If you only have an active transfer market in the game, you will still need to unlock it in the WebApp (for more information, please go here: "How to earn access to the UT Transfer Market").

3. Your account must have at least 15K match earnings (including a minimum of 1 full match played in Divison Rivals or Squad Battles).

4. You must have a minimum of 400 coins in your account. Should you have a minimum of 300K coins, then you must sell your coins first here: Once we finish processing your coins selling order, then you will be able to sell your account.

5. Your EA account must not have the option to switch platforms/clubs in the WebApp (example no. 2), because we do not buy such accounts. Therefore, an EA account can only have a maximum of one PSN/XBL account assigned to it (it cannot also have a PC account linked to it).

6. Your account must not have received any warning from EA, nor may it have been used in external software such as autobuyer.


1. Access to your EA/WebApp account.
That is, the current e-mail and password for your EA account, with which you log in here: and 6 EA backup codes (instructions on how to generate the codes can be found here:


2. Access to your Xbox/PlayStation account that is linked to EA (only applies to UT 24 accounts on console).
That is, the current e-mail and password for your PlayStation account with which you log in here:
your current Xbox account e-mail and password, with which you log in here: (for Xbox accounts, also remember to set up e-mail verification).
If your console e-mail is different to EA's, we recommend changing it so that the e-mail you enter is the same for both accounts.


3. Access to your mail that is assigned to your EA and Xbox/PlayStation account (in the case of PC, it is only the mail that is assigned to your EA/EA App account). If you currently have a private e-mail set up that you don't want to give away, then CREATE A NEW MAIL and assign it to your EA and console account (if it is a PS or XB account).

Please note that EA introduced the 30 day limit for email updates. This means that after each successful email change on your EA account there's going to be a 30 day cooldown before another change can be made. 
That's why it's important that you won't update an email address right before placing your selling order. Otherwise we won't be able to update it ourselves and therefore your selling order may be rejected.
There is one exception to this rule however and that is a scenario where you have Gmail, iCloud or a non-English inbox currently assigned to the EA account you wish to sell. In such case please make an email update yourself and change it to one of the inboxes we recommend e.g.


In addition, in the selling order form below you will need to enter the rest of your details, i.e. contact e-mail and payment method (in the case of a bank transfer, your name, full address and IBAN or SWIFT number for the recipient of the transfer are required). If you wish, you can also fill in the "Additional comments" section.


If you are about to sell more than 1 UT account with unlocked transfer market and don't know how to do it, then please refer to our separate article on that subject here: How to sell more than one UT account from a console?

If you have more than 3 accounts for sale, then remember that you can sell a maximum of 3 accounts per week. Don't place more selling orders, as this will result in delays for verification and payment being sent by us.


Verification of the account will take place after a minimum of 24h from the time of submission. The entire verification process may take up to a maximum of 72h.

We will inform you of the progress of your account sale via contact e-mail that you have provided.

Payment will be sent within 3 days from the time of our approval of your account.


PLEASE NOTE: Always double or even triple check the validity of the login details for the account you are selling. Otherwise you will delay the whole process and this when you get paid for the account.


Fields marked with * are required.


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