FAQ / Tutorial for new customers


1. What’s SuperCoinsy and what exactly are you selling?


SuperCoinsy is a trustworthy store of FIFA Coins with cheap prices and very SAFE delivery. We're selling coins since 2014. In FIFA 21 only, we sold over hundreds of millions coins for each of popular platforms (PS4/5, Xbox One/Xbox Series X/S, PC).


2. Why should I buy FIFA Coins here? 


We've a lot of experience on the FIFA Coins market. We're selling coins for FIFA 14, FIFA 15, FIFA 16, FIFA 17, FIFA 18, FIFA 19, FIFA 20. FIFA 21 and now we're doing that in FIFA 22. What makes us stand out is low prices, great support and NEW, SAFE delivery system. We highly recommend the method "Comfort Trade (new, the safest method)". Since the improvement of this method (January 2018), over 99.9% of deliveries aren't deteced by EA).


3. I have a problem with my order. What should I do? 


If you have any problem with our site, please write to supercoinsy@supercoinsy.pl It's the fastest way to contact with us. In e-mail subject please write your order number.


1. How to pay with PaySafeCard?
2. Coins delivery methods
a) Comfort trade (new. the safest method) - how it works?
3. What account details do you need to provide using Comfort Trade method?
4. Free coins bonus - how it works?
5. Delivery times
6. Order statuses - explanation
7. Reset (wipe) coins - How it exactly works and how to protect from this?


4. Available payment methods:



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