Terms of Selling Coins

Terms of Selling Coins


1. When selling coins, you must make WebApp available to your account for the time of selling your coins. During selling coins from your account (i.e., when the order changes to "Accepted in Queue" or "In Progress"), you can not log into FUT mode in the game. This causes us to log out of our account and allow access to it.

2. The seller of the coins is aware and accepts that his account may be banned because of selling coins.

3. The amount which is shown in "cover losses in the event of a ban" means the maximum amount we can pay for coins, if we ban your account during the transfer of the coins and the coins we collect, will be less than the amount stated in the " Cover losses in case of the ban". If the proposed price for coins is less than the amount reported in "cover losses in the event of bans," it will be paid in full, even if the account is banned during the transfer of the coins.

Imagining how this works on an example:

Assuming the amount for "cover losses in case of the ban" is 200 PLN and:

- coins of the value of 180 zł are sold (below the amount of "cover losses in case of the ban"), and the account will be banned after the coin has been shipped, 180 zł will be paid even if we do not complete the coin transfer.

- coins worth 300 PLN are sold (above the amount of "cover losses in case of the ban"), and the account will be banned when we transfer from a coin account coins of value from 0.01 zł to 200 zł, so 200 zł is paid (because that is the amount of the "cover losses in case of ban" in this example)

- coins are sold for a value of 300 PLN (above the amount of "cover losses in case of a ban"), and the account will be banned when we transfer a coin worth 250 PLN (more than the amount of "cover losses in case of the ban"). In that case, the amount of 250 PLN is paid. If the coins from this account are shipped in full, then, of course, the full amount is paid (in this case 300 PLN).

If a user logs into FUT account while moving coins and will change the password, or temporarily deprive us of access to the account, then we can only withdraw money for the transferred coins from the account, regardless of the amount of money covered. The loss in case of the ban ".

4. If, after acceptance of an order, we are prevented from accessing the account for any reason, the ordering party is obliged to grant us access within 24 hours of reporting the problem and informing us accordingly. If this is done after 24 hours, including informing us and the current purchase rate decreases, we are entitled to reduce it to the current value.

5. The deadline for payment is a maximum of 2 working days after the coins are transported. Most payments, however, are made within a few hours. It should be noted that the waiting time for bank transfer is a maximum of 3 business days from the completion of the order.

6. BitCoin payments are made at the current rate at the time of withdrawal, according to the BitStamp rate.

7. The seller of coins declares that he or she is the owner of the coins and that the coins account is not taken to a third party without his or her consent.

8. If there is more coins on account, than it was declared for sell, then we take that much coins, as it was declared. However, we can take up to 10% more coins from account, because it's often hard to take exact amount from account. In this case seller is receiving more money for additionally sold coins, proportionally to taken amount.

9. If you choose to receive payment by bank transfer, we only make transfers to European countries without any additional fees. If the account is outside Europe, we may deduct a bank transfer fee from the order amount. Before making the transfer, we inform the customer of the amount and ask him to confirm whether we continue or he wants to change the form of payout.



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