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ADVANTAGES OF METHOD: The most convenient and secure way to receive coins, you do not need to list any cards. 

REQUIRED: You must have a minimum of 20 000 coins before making a deal and your account MUST also have an active transfer market in WebApp. The transfer market is active for accounts that have already played several matches in a few days at FUT. To verify that the market is active, log on to this page, and then select Transfers> Transfer Market. If the page after loading looks like this:

FUT 21 unlocker market

This means that the market is active and we can recharge your account. 

You need to send us necessary info to log on your account. These are: 

  •          WebApp / Origin e-mail, used to sign in to this site 
  •          WebApp / Origin password, used to log on this site 
  •          6 Back Up Origin Codes (below how to get them)

         To get 6 Back-Up Origin Codes, you must log on this page. Then go to the Security tab and on the Back-Up Codes press 'View,' as shown in the image below: 

When pressed, "View" will appear to enter the 6-digit EA code that was sent to the e-mail. Please check e-mail and enter the code. Once approved, the 6 Origin Back-Up Codes will appear, as shown in the image below: 

Please copy and paste us all when ordering.


You need to give us backup codes, because without them we won't be able to access your account. It is needed for console platforms as well

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