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m**[email protected] | C_ED6DAG | Sold: 1473K FIFA Coins PS4, PS5 | 2020-06-24
Review: Positive
Content: Wszystko elegancko, 4 dni oczekiwania i 10 minut opróżniania konta. Kasa na koncie po tygodniu od złożenia wniosku.
M**[email protected] | C_XM814F | Sold: 1019K FIFA Coins PS4, PS5 | 2020-06-17
Review: Positive
Content: super fast communication. i do recommend this web page. thanks
v**[email protected] | C_R4IWX3 | Sold: 324K FIFA Coins PS4, PS5 | 2020-06-16
Review: Positive
Content: Honest and was delivered in time, this is my first time selling fifa coin and will do it again with the next fifa,, 5 stars
m**[email protected] | C_HTQ3QU | Sold: 1552K FIFA Coins PS4, PS5 | 2020-06-12
Review: Positive
Content: Great service , quick and easy trusty buyer. I would recommend anyone looking to buy or sell the coins to come to this website.
r**[email protected] | C_HNPHVV | Sold: 850K FIFA Coins PS4, PS5 | 2020-05-27
Review: Positive
Content: Juz piaty raz w tym tym sezonie fut. Za kazdym razem zadowolony ze sprzedazy coinsow.
a**[email protected] | C_KPAZLN | Sold: 461K FIFA Coins XBOX ONE, XBOX SERIES X, XBOX SERIES S | 2020-05-16
Review: Positive
Content: Totally recommended
p**[email protected] | C_AI9F36 | Sold: 2950K FIFA Coins PS4, PS5 | 2020-05-01
Review: Positive
Content: Polecam profesjonalna obsługa . Była to pierwsza moja taka akcja troszkę się bałem że to jakaś ściema ale okazuje się że nie . Jeszcze raz polecam
i**[email protected] | C_FEDMCL | Sold: 1304K FIFA Coins PC | 2020-04-23
Review: Positive
Content: Very professional service, highly pleased.
k**[email protected] | C_MH83WU | Sold: 7204K FIFA Coins PC | 2020-04-14
Review: Positive
Content: Very quickly and 100% professional. I strongly recommend to use, you will not regret it
i**[email protected] | C_NZBQRJ | Sold: 1157K FIFA Coins PC | 2020-03-19
Review: Positive
Content: Good service.


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